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The Mysterious Island

A Space of Possibilities

Like a perfect pyramid, "The Mysterious Island" is a four-part tribute; first and foremost to Jules Verne's eponymous work (1874-1875), but also and above all to Michel Tournier's Friday (1967), which, in the interworld of Oceanic Limbo, takes us back to the fundamentals of the human person, to what the "I" is in the "We".


It is also an ode to the filmic work of Jacques Champreux and Juan Antonio Bardem, whose six episodes brought to the screen in 1973 made my childhood eyes shine so brightly. Finally - and above all - it is a cry from the heart to Maestro Gianni Ferrio, the brilliant promoter of this original music, who, with the help of Christine Fontane (lyricist) and Monique Pianéa (interpreter), let the muses speak so lovingly.


Discovering an island space is always discovering oneself. The journey is equally sensory, a slow perception of the deep nature of the Elements, a journey into one's own interiority, our buried self. And this is all the more true when chance lands you there, at the mercy of the winds, or when, like Robinson, you have to find your own means of subsistence, the rebound necessary to any attempt at survival.


It is first of all the moment to summon the spirit of solidarity, the very spirit that will fertilise the relationship between Man and Earth, that will encourage the discoverers in their respectful appropriation of the Ecosystems, that will allow Cyrus, Spilett, Nab, Pencroff and Harbert, the shipwrecked men who have come from the sky, to remain "on their feet", to revel in a land that becomes their nourishing island, to discover at last the identity of a host that is as mysterious as it is protective...


Three years after "No Wind Tonight ...", we are particularly happy to present you this fantastic musical and human adventure that is "THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND". Enjoy !

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From left to right and from top to bottom

Laurent SKOCZEK: trombone, effects, arrangements, final writing

Camille SMALL: piano, keyboards

Bela Bluche: double bass, bass

Alexis DELVA: guitars

Matthew METZGER: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, recording, balancing, editing

Gilles LE REST: drums, orchestra cymbals, ocean drum, glockenspiel, vocals, spoken voice, composition, arrangements


Marie-Caroline REVRANCHE (Lousse) : vocals, spoken voice

Stella Vander: song

Jocelyn MIENNIEL: flutes

Marcus LINON: spoken voice, recording, balancing, editing, mixing, mastering Studio GREASY-RECORDS 

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Graphic Design: Gerald NIMAL(Ad Lib Multimedia Communicationand Gilles LE REST

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