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"The Mysterious Island"

Your album with a dedication!

"The Mysterious Island"


To discover an island space is always to discover oneself. The journey is just as much a sensory one, a slow perception of the deep nature of the elements, as it is a journey into one's own interiority, our buried self. And this is all the more true when chance lands you there, at the mercy of the winds, or when, like Robinson, you have to find your own means of subsistence, the rebound necessary to any attempt at survival.

It is first of all the moment to summon the spirit of solidarity, the very spirit that will fertilise the relationship between Man and Earth, that will encourage the discoverers in their respectful appropriation of the ecosystems, that will allow Cyrus, Spilett, Nab, Pencroff and Harbert, the shipwrecked men from the sky, to remain "on their feet", to revel in a land that becomes their nourishing island, to finally discover the identity of a host that is as mysterious as it is protective...

Three years after "No Wind Tonight ...", we are particularly happy to present you this fantastic musical and human adventure that is "THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND". Enjoy !

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